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Our Newest Store in
Southern Pines, NC
We opened our store in October 2018 here in the beautiful area of Southern Pines, NC. Four months earlier we had moved from our long time state of California with not a clue of what we wanted to do. After doing some research and checking out some already established business opportunities locally we came across the Qwik Pack and Ship business model. After a few phone calls to Julie the owner I felt totally at ease that this was this right fit for us. Within just a few months our store was set up by Robert Saam and David. Their expertise and knowledge in all aspects of getting the store up and running was amazing.The training and support was spot on and I've never felt I couldn't call if I needed some advice or had an issue with something. They are always just a phone call away, not only do we have a awesome new business to call our own at a reasonable price but I can say we've made some new friends as well. Thank you QPS!

Brad and Beth Harkins
Qwik Pack and Ship
Southern Pines, NC

Qwik Pack & Ship
PH: (910) 725-0336
216 Commerce Ave
Southern Pines, NC 28387
EMAIL: [email protected]
WEB: www.qwikpackandshipsouthernpines.com
FAX: (910) 725-0647

Qwik Pack & Ship
​Parkland, FL
We are very happy with our choice of Qwik Pack & Ship brand for this new venture.

Before opening, we knew nothing about the shipping business, but after some research, we decided to go for this new venture. We started browsing different shipping store business models, most were franchises with deep initial fees, royalties and limitations on product/service offerings. Qwik Pack & Ship was reasonable priced, and we got our own store, turn key, no royalties, and complete freedom in regards to products and services we want to offer in our store.

We talked to other shipping center owners both from Qwik Pack & Ship and other brands, and Qwik Pack & Ship was the clear winner. We got our store set up in a week, featuring a well design layout, bright and appealing look. From our first contact through store set-up, on-site training and continuous phone support, everything went smoothly. We opened in April/2018, and Robert continues to be most prompt to take our calls and answer our questions.

Special shout-out to Robert, Wayne and Julie. Great team.
Gustavo Aguilar
Qwik Pack & Ship
Parkland, FL
Qwik Pack & Ship
PH: (954) 281-2640
7957 N University Dr
 Parkland, FL 33067-2601
EMAIL: [email protected]

WEB:  www.qpsparkland.com
FAX: (954) 281-9653

Qwik-Pack & Ship
Palm Bay FL
Our Palm Bay  store just opened in July 2017!
Congratulations to the new owners Janet Watson and Family!

I spent a year researching all the different ship & pack franchises and talking to owners of individual stores as well as corporate offices.  Qwik Pack & Ship was the clear choice when it came to value for the money and their hands on approach. They assist with everything from lease negotiation to marketing training.  The best part was the fact that Qwik Pack & Ship is not a franchise,  but a turnkey business that has many of the benefits of a franchise. 

My consultant, Robert went above and beyond to make sure I had a clear understanding for all aspects of this business venture. From the moment of inquiry and still to this day, Robert continues to provide assistance and is easily accessible.  Qwik Pack & Ship was the only company who could answer all of our questions and get us ready to open with a full week of training in such a short period of time.  With Qwik Pack & Ship, you get many of the benefits of a franchise without the continual fees which can cut deeply into your profit margin. Qwik Pack & Ship is proving to be an excellent investment choice! 

Janet Watson
Qwik Pack & Ship
Palm Bay,  FL
Qwik Pack & Ship
PH: (321) 586-5144
3425 Bayside Lakes Blvd SE
 Palm Bay, FL 32909
EMAIL:  [email protected]

WEB:  www.qpspalmbay.com
FAX: (321) 372-7602

Qwik-Pack & Ship
Venice FL
I opened my business in 2015 with the help of the Qwik Pack team and happy I did. They helped me put together and open a great business that has been growing and expanding since. Their operations manager had the experience and knowledge to successfully train me and introduce me to the world of shipping having owned a Qwik Pack & Ship business for over 15 years. I highly recommend anyone wanting to get into this business to consider Qwik Pack & Ship. 
Qwik Pack & Ship
PH: (941) 412-4862

2462 Laurel Rd. E
North Venice, FL 34275

EMAIL:   [email protected]
WEB:  www.qpsvenice.com
FAX: (941) 412-4863

Qwik-Pack & Ship
Fayetteville NC
The Qwik Pack & Ship team has been instrumental in the success of our franchise. From the beginning of the acquisition of our franchise, they literally walked us through the required steps, to include providing approximate cost for local services, as we are in different states. They ensured the operations manager was on site the entire first week of our opening training us, sharing his knowledge, and providing suggestions for additional services. I can honestly say that if anyone is interested in acquiring a business that welcomes you as family and over the years continues to reach out and share information to ensure your success, this is the business for you.
Qwik Pack & Ship
PH: (910) 779-2343

15 Edwards Road, Ste 8A
Fayetteville, NC 28311

EMAIL:   [email protected]
FAX: (910) 779-2380