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​​Qwik Pack & ShipTM 
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Qwik Pack & ShipTM Store​​
We created profit centers that enhance the customers experience when they enter one of our stores.

We offer full shipping services.  Our stores are FedEx Authorized Ship Centers, DHL Authorized Shipping Centers as well as United States Postal Service.   We offer bulk mail services and crate and freight services.  

The stores are not only shipping stores but we also offer packaging for the shipping of small to large items.  We can even ship anything from bicycles to works of art. The stores carry a full inventory of shipping boxes and containers.

All of our stores offer Notary Services, keyed mailboxes, digital mailboxes, and refund retrieval services. We encourage members to become premium members of RS associates. We also offer an assortment of retail office and shipping supplies.

Our stores sell turnkey for $59,950. 
$30,000 at signing of a contract. 
$29,950 due on store opening day.

You are the store's sole owner!

**Prices are higher in locations west of the Mississppi.  

Our mission statement is to help people start their own business that is affordable.
Business Investment Opportunity
Qwik Pack & Ship is an affordable business investment. The cost of owning your business is $59,950​. Additional business costs are based on location of your store. See below for a breakdown of estimated additional costs. 
Initial Business Investment 
Initial investment includes all cabinets and furniture as well as electronics and shipping software from PostalMate. It includes 120 mailboxes for renting and iPostal1 digital mailbox services. All inventory necessary to operate your business is included. You will also be given the use of the trade name
Qwik Pack & Ship™.
  1. Training
    With the purchase of your store we provide one week in-store training. Which includes everything you need to know to be a successful store owner including marketing. You will have our continuing support even after training is completed.
  2. Site Selection / Lease Negotiation
    We provide assistance with site location and lease negotiations. Our vast knowledge can assist you with locating the proper site for your new store.
  3. Store Design and Construction
    Over the years we have perfected our store designs that allow for a streamlined installation process so that our stores can open within weeks after purchase.
  4. Ongoing Marketing Research
    We continue to do market research looking for new profit centers for all our owners. Our goal is to support all owners and share our knowledge and experience so they can expand their business.
Additional Expenses
Additional cost includes business licenses, lease deposit, security deposit, 
outside store sign and utility deposits.